School Climate: From Authoritative to Negligent

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Josie Boehlert attended Dewey Cornell’s Youth-Nex talk on
Bullying and Positive School Climate in Virginia Middle Schools.
She posted her thoughts for us:
Boehlert is a second year graduate student in the Counselor Education program at the Curry School. Boehlert is currently completing her school counseling internship at a middle school in Albemarle County. Much of Boehlert’s academic work has been focused on school climate and bullying prevention programs in middle schools. 

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Josie Boehlert, a second year student in Curry’s Counselor Education program.


Link to presentation audio and slides.

Dewey Cornell presented the findings of his team’s research as a part of the University of Virginia Youth-Nex Works In Progress lecture series. Cornell’s ongoing area of study focuses on bullying and school climate. The lecture reported the results of surveys of thousands of students and teachers across the Commonwealth of Virginia. The surveys were supported by the Virginia Department of Education and were therefore completed by a high percentage of Virginia schools. School principals were given the freedom to choose between a sample of 25 random students per grade or a sample that included the entire 7th and 8th grade. Continue reading