Critical Considerations in a Capability Focused Approach to Intervention Design and Evaluation – YN Panel Video

Nancy Deutsch

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View the video for this discussion looking at methods, broadly and integratively, through a Positive Youth Development lens.

Panelists used four guiding questions:
1. How do we bring in developmental theory as we design evaluations of programs? Specifically, how do we relate Positive Youth Development processes and constructs to expected outcomes. How do we resolve the tension between evaluating competencies— promotion, and measuring problem behavior—prevention? Continue reading

Lessons from Settings and Programs for Adolescent PYD – YN Panel Video

Jacqueline Lerner

PYD as meritorious science; Jacqueline Lerner kicks off the panel discussion.

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YN brought together 23 scholars at the University’s beautiful Morven Farm this spring, to advance further scientific knowledge and to formulate a framework for promoting effective youth development. Listen in on this panel discussion with leaders in the field: Jacqueline Lerner (chair), Dale Blyth, Nancy Guerra, Reed Larson, and Jean Rhodes. Video. Continue reading

Improving PYD Interventions – YN Panel Video

Jeanne Brooks-Gunn

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We’re lucky enough to have captured on video the Youth-Nex Working Conference —where six panels and 23 scholars congregated to further scientific understanding of how to promote effective youth development through the Positive Youth Development (PYD) lens.

Be a part of the discussion chaired by Jeanne Brooks-Gunn: “Learning from Prevention Science and Developmental-Intervention Approaches to Improve PYD Interventions and Evaluations.”  We welcome your comments.  Video.

In the light of the need to provide research and action that integrates PYD into what we already know, Dr. Tolan recently posited: Continue reading

Rick Little – ‘serial social entrepreneur’ speaks to YN Conference

Rick Little
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I was fortunate enough to be able to hear Rick Little deliver the keynote address at the Youth-Nex working conference dinner on April 2. My impression of Mr. Little, when my colleague and I assisted him with some logistics earlier in the day, was that he was a very kind and unassuming man. The arrangements were the type that would have exasperated even the most restrained among us. Through it all, however, Little remained unfazed and affable. This was only a glimpse into his profound humanity, as I learned about the scope of his accomplishments and significance of his work during his talk later that evening. (The talk is posted at end of this entry.)

Continue reading

Optimal Targets for PYD Intervention – Panel Video

Patrick Tolan

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We’ve been posting a lot about the Youth-Nex Working Conference held in April. Now you can view the discussion. Here’s the first of the panel videos with an introduction by Patrick Tolan: “Identifying the Fundamental PYD Processes Affecting Development: Optimal Targets for Intervention.” Distinguished panelists are: Stephen Hamilton (chair), Richard Catalano, Richard Lerner, Anne Petersen, and Margaret Spencer. More panel video to come. View Video

YN Working Conference – A Success By All Measures

By Patrick Tolan, Director of Youth-Nex; and Professor at the Curry School of Education and Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences

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attendees discuss topics at the conference
It was an exciting couple of days. On April 2-3 we were able to bring together 23 invited scholars —many world-renowned leaders in their fields—to U.Va.’s beautiful Morven Farm.

As you read more about the conference, now and over the coming weeks, we hope you will utilize this blog as a point of exchange for thoughts about the conference and for your work relating to PYD. Continue reading

PYD Constructs – What Are Your Thoughts?

By Nancy Guerra, Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean for Research at the University of Delaware

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Youth-Nex Brochure
The presentations at the Youth-Nex conference were truly amazing! There is so much exciting work being done in the field. I hope we can begin to build a science of positive youth development, and the Youth-Nex conference set a high bar for us.

One thing that really struck me, and which is important for my own work and I think for the field, is the need to build consensus around constructs (and measures) that help us conceptualize important outcomes. Many of us work with programs to design and conduct evaluation research, yet we all focus on a separate set of constructs and use different measures. Continue reading

Conference Inspires

By John Nesselroade, the Hugh Scott Hamilton Professor of Psychology Emeritus, University of Virginia

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John Nesselroade
Recently, I had the privilege of participating in a mini-conference (1.5 days) aimed at furthering the development of an agenda for Youth-Nex, a relatively new trans-disciplinary center at UVA focused on promoting effective youth development.  Center Director Dr. Patrick H. Tolan and Dr. Richard M. Lerner, Bergstrom Chair in Applied Developmental Science, Tufts University, who has been my friend and colleague for 35 years, organized the conference. The assembled scholars and practitioners each presented short talks (15 minutes or so) to call attention to some aspect of positive youth development (PYD) the speaker thought should be attended to in the development of an agenda of future Youth-Nex programs.

Having no academic credentials regarding PYD, I was free to make some remarks pertaining especially to general issues having to do with the measurement of abstract concepts (such as PYD) which I did with great relish.  I confess to being something of a skeptic regarding the “positive” psychology movement, in general.  Now that the mini-conference is over, I further confess to being genuinely impressed by both the passion for their topics and the effective youth development concept but also with the concern for maintaining scientific rigor in all aspects of the programming that seemed to be shared by all of the participants.  This was both striking and gratifying to one whose nearly 50 years of scholarly activity have been confined to basic research.  I have every reason to believe that the Youth-Nex venture, with its many compelling implications for the future of our society, will be unusually successful.

John Nesselroade is the Hugh Scott Hamilton Professor of Psychology Emeritus, University of Virginia